ernst Sepia are two performers in one.
Christiane Obermayr and Dorte Strehlow have been working together since 2002, exploring the blur between Performance Art and dance.

Bringing attention to details. Observing incidental gestures and occurences. Playing with every-day situations.
Adapting a concept of decontextualisation, audience perception is shifted to the sublime by showing essences of the observation in another context.
Concentrating and putting emphasis on the space they work in, fragments of human togetherness are revealed, hinting at commondaily longings and ambivalences.


2009 "Beziehungsmuster #2", Kunst der Begegnung, Gebläsehalle Ilsede
  "Alltagsfliegen", Gastspiel im Theater Fensterzurstadt, Hannover
2008 "Bomann Clatronic", LiveArtFalmouth, Falmouth
  "Untertauchen", Stille Station, Architekturtage, Hannover
2007 "Show your feet, show your shoes", Kasko, Basel
  "Tisch rücken", "Nachtisch", Georgsplatz und Leineufer, Hannover
  "Zeit verlieren", Zeitraum ex!t, Mannheim
  "Uwe", Videoarbeit
2006 "Bomann Clatronic", ARTIG, Hannover
  "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with", Eisfabrik, Hannover
  "Sepia", Videoarbeit
2005 "see grab have", Georgengarten und Georgstr., Hannover
  "between nice living", Zeitraum ex!t, Mannheim
2004 "Who's having a nice dream about carrots?", Eisfabrik, Hannover
  "between nice living", Hermannshof, Völksen
  "Nachts sind alle Katzen schwarz", LOT-Theater, Braunschweig
  "Patterns of relation", Bemeroder Rathausplatz, Hannover
2003 "Patterns of relation", Kubus, Hannover