Whos having a nice dream of carrots?

The performers Christiane Obermayr and Dorte Strehlow tell and show through performance what dreaming and sleeping can be all about.

Performatively, sleep is represented here with minimalized movements remaining close to reality, and is broken by repetitive dream-like projected imagery.

Just as one might remember pieces of a dream in the morning, the images on the stage appear fragmented and bizarre:
Two women doing handstands and chewing, accompanied by loud crunching and smacking noises-what are they eating carrots, or something other than carrots.

Dream and sleep connect themselves more and more and rid themselves of any clear definition.
"Who s having a nice dream about carrots?" makes reflection possible amongst the information overload surrounding us, because in a society where its all about the production of new things, where the influence of being surrounded by commercial imagery results in the loss of a connection to the inner-self. The piece opens the viewer up to his or her own unconscious imagery.

"Whos having a nice dream about carrots?" is also a meeting of performance and dance, and one is forced to ask the question: where does performance end and dance begin?

During the piece, both movement and imagery flow into each other; performance and dance blend into a new representation:
It might be that you are now hungry for carrots, but are you going to dream about them?